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Introducing our Board Label Twintip NFC, a versatile accessory for your kiteboard. This label is designed to be securely attached to either your foot pad screw or hand grip screw. It features a 3D-printed customization option where your name and phone number can be added. With this innovative label, you can have peace of mind during your kiteboarding sessions.

The primary purpose of the Board Label Twintip NFC is to assist in reuniting you with your lost board. In the unfortunate event that your board gets separated from you, the label provides essential contact information for the finder. Rest assured that this label is made from soft and flexible materials, ensuring no harm to your board, hands, or feet.

One of the standout features of our Board Label Twintip NFC is its incorporation of NFC (Near Field Communication) tag technology. By scanning the NFC tag embedded within the label, the honest finder of your board can easily send you a WhatsApp message containing the board’s current location. This technology enables a quick and efficient way to reunite you with your beloved board.

It’s important to note that the NFC chip within the label comes pre-programmed, and all your personal data, such as your name and phone number, is only stored locally on the NFC chip. This ensures that no additional privacy or safety concerns arise. In case the finder is not familiar with NFC technology, your name and phone number are also physically visible on the label, providing an alternative means of contact.

Please keep in mind that the Board Label Twintip NFC is not a GPS tracker. The location of your board can only be shared when the finder scans the NFC tag using their mobile phone. To receive the location message, you need to have a registered WhatsApp account associated with your phone number.

For a more detailed explanation of how the NFC technology works, please refer to the accompanying video.

Secure your kiteboard with our Board Label Twintip NFC today and enhance the chances of reuniting with your lost board.

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